How to create automation for the Intelligence Cube Refresh?

If you want the cube to be refreshed right after the ETL load,   you can go for an Event Triggered schedule and tie a cube refresh job to the event and then trigger this event based schedule using a command manager script through an ETL tool on a daily or weekly basis.

TN: 19718 – How to create an event based schedule in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.x.

Or else if your cube does not depend on the ETL load then you can go for a TIme Triggered Schedule where you can tie a refresh job to a time tiggered schedule to automatically schedule a cube refresh at a specified time on a daily or weekly basis

TN: 19593 – How to create a time based schedule in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x

TN: 17885 – How to configure time-triggered scheduling of reports in MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x

New way to refresh the Intelligence Cube for Microstrategy 9.X version

 repulish the imported data for Microstrategy

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